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Automotive OEM Solutions

The Connected Cabin

The possibilities are infinite. Garmin Automotive OEM technology goes well beyond GPS. Scroll the page to see how Garmin is winning new business not just in navigation but across an impressive range of infotainment and related vehicle electronics.


From human factors testing to hardware/software design, engineering and manufacturing, Garmin excels at start-to-finish OEM solutions.

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Integrated head units put industry-leading audio, multimedia, map navigation, smartphone connectivity and more at your fingertips.

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Garmin camera solutions keep a watchful eye both outside and inside the vehicle — with features such as driver/cabin monitoring, "black box" video and data recorders and parked car monitoring.

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Garmin positioning solutions integrate map, GPS, camera, radar and other vehicle sensors to calculate a highly precise vehicle location.

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Garmin infotainment hardware and software drive multiple displays from the same module, including safety-critical instrument clusters with unique integration of Garmin navigation and ADAS features.

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Our Voice Solutions team has designed automotive voice recognition for well over a decade, with experience integrating customized solutions that leverage Nuance®, Amazon and Google™ voice assistants.

Google is a trademark of Google LLC.

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Garmin hybrid Cloud and embedded navigation use maps, routing and POI search in the Cloud plus available onboard fallback for those times when connectivity is not available.

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What if the watch on your wrist could unlock and start your car — or even adjust the cabin environment to your body’s biometrics?

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Garmin combines its positioning, navigation and ADAS solutions into an augmented reality view for Head-Up and other vehicle displays.

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Garmin infotainment can serve entertainment and navigation solutions to multiple displays for both drivers and passengers, including streaming to mobile wireless devices.

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From the cloud to the cockpit to wearable technology and beyond, Garmin brings a fresh perspective to OEM development. Let’s see what we can accomplish together.

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