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Sons Of Fishes

Sons Of Fishes

The Sons of Fishes are back with force™

Put your eyes on the revolutionary new trolling motor from Garmin. And the only one worthy of Bill Dance and the Sons of Fishes. What makes this beast of a machine better than anything else out there? We’re glad you asked.

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The Sons of Fishes are back with force™

Big-time Power

Force is the most powerful1 trolling motor on the water. That means you can burst through weeds and fight the winds and currents with ease.

Amazing Efficiency

Fish for longer. It’s that simple, friends. Force is more efficient at 24 V than the competition’s 36 V system. No lie.

Quiet Operation

It doesn’t scare fish and won’t fuzz up your sonar screens with static. In the official how-to guide, we call that “nearly undetectable sonar interference.”

Ultimate Control

A wireless foot pedal works with the same feel as a cable-steered pedal. And a remote control lets you navigate to another spot on the water with a simple hand gesture. It’s like magic, y’all.

Total Integration

And we mean “total.” Ultra High-Definition scanning sonar and CHIRP traditional sonar are built-in and fully integrated. And get this – Force connects wirelessly to Garmin chartplotters to provide navigation, autopilot and anchor lock.

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Sons Of Fishes

Outfit your boat like a Son of a Fish

Add these items along side your Force Trolling Motor.

Outfit your boat like a Son of a Fish

GPSMAP® 8600xsv Series Combos

Fresh and salty Sons of Fishes use these 10”, 12” and 16” chartplotter/sonar combos. Learn More

GPSMAP<sup>®</sup> 8600xsv Series Combos

Force Trolling Motor

The only trolling motor powerful enough for the Sons of Fishes. Learn More

Force<sup>™</sup> Trolling Motor

Optional Panoptix LiveScope System

The most amazing sonar technology, the pride of every SOF and the envy of every Bad Bass. Learn More

Optional Panoptix LiveScope<sup>™</sup> System

ECHOMAP Ultra Series Combos

These 10” and 12” chartplotter/sonar combos earned the coveted reaper fish seal of approval. Learn More

ECHOMAP<sup>™</sup> Ultra Series Combos

About US Sons of Fishes

Some say the Sons of Fishes fishing club first formed as early as 1968. That’s when the legendary Ray Mackie, Sr. got fed up with “pleasure boaters” and water skiers violating his favorite quiet fishing coves with their noise and wakes. He gathered a posse of like-minded anglers who only wished to control the coves and protect their fishing spots.

An image of Ray RAY MACKIE, SR. - FOUNDER (CIRCA 1971)

Our first charter was formed in Bull Shoals, Arkansas. We adopted a club emblem, the reaper fish, and our motto, “Catch Fish or Die.” All we can tell you is that initiation involves a 20-lb test line and a worm hook. Mackie was a great president. He was all about catching fish and running the club’s bait and tackle shop. That shop is still the club’s headquarters to this day.

An image of the Sonfs of Fishes Club House

But when Ray passed, the new president became consumed by power. He ruled the club with an iron fist. He demanded allegiance to his favorite brands – whether they worked or not. But not too long ago, in a historic shakeup, the club voted to break with tradition and switch to Panoptix sonar from Garmin.

An image of Ray

An image of Sons of Fishes in a bar

An image of Bill

This ultimately led to the banishing of their president, who wouldn’t “play along.” After the dust settled, in a unanimous vote, Bill Dance took over as president. Ray Mackie, Jr., the member who introduced Panoptix sonar to the club, became vice president. Bad basses mark

The Bad Basses and Panoptix Livescope

The Sons of Fishes and The Bad Basses clubs have had quite a few beefs in the past. They like to throw their weight around and spend most of the time chasing other fishermen off “their” lakes. Recently, things almost got out of hand when they saw the new sonar the Sons of Fishes are using.

An image of Sons of Fishes in a bar
An image of Sons of Fishes on a boat

To this day, the Sons of Fishes are regarded as some of the most demanding fishermen on the water. We expect a lot from our electronics. The only rule now – it has to be the best. Panoptix and Panoptix LiveScope changed the game. Being able to see fish live has totally shifted power. And on top of that, now you can add Force — the most powerful and efficient trolling motor on the water. You can bet your bass, no crappie bed is safe from the Sons of Fishes.

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Sons Of Fishes