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Michelle Vesterby

Professional Triathlete

Michelle Vesterby

Professional Triathlete

She calls herself the bubbly Dane. It’s a name no one can dispute — even her competitors, who might see Michelle flash her wide grin as she overtakes them in a race. “Keep smiling” is the motto by which she lives her life, and she attributes her stay-positive attitude to her late brother, Mark, who was and continues to be her inspiration. Michelle goes where the races take her, but Hawaii will always hold a special place in her heart; some of the best finishes of her career have taken place at the IM World Championship in Kona, Hawaii.

Fourth place Kona 2015

Sixth place Kona 2016

3 IM victories


Home Country


Favorite Magazine

Illustrated Science – just kidding – I love gossip magazines

Favorite Movie


Proudest Moment

My fourth-place finish at Hawaii in 2015


Mom, the ultimate ironwoman who cared for a handicapped son

Kid Goals

A lawyer


The 4 Cs: coffee, cakes, cookies, candy



Michelle’s Training Partner

Vector 3

“I really love the Vector 3 power meters. They’re just like normal pedals, so it’s easy to change the battery and easy to switch them to another bike. It’s simple, but you get all the data you need. And it makes training easier because I’m able to see my weaknesses and correct them.”
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