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Benjamin Lieber

Professional Climber

Benny is a climber. But climbing doesn’t happen in the design studio. So in 2016, Benny radically redesigned his life, throwing away sketch pads and sticky notes to begin prototyping a greater design project: a life in the mountains. He moved from the comfort of an apartment in the historic district of Savannah, Georgia, to an old rusty trailer at the foot of Mount Rainier. The contrast was stark, as he traded in dress shirts and slick shoes for wool tops and mountain boots.

Since then, Benny has lived adventure to its fullest, both personally and as a guide. His primary focus is on expedition alpinism in the greater ranges, and his climbing has brought him from the crevassed slopes of the Cascades and New Zealand’s Southern Alps to the Nepali Himalayas and the French Alps. But for most of the year, Alaska has become home and is a key piece of Benny’s climbing and writing.

As a young child, Benny’s heroes were explorers: Bradford Washburn, Ernest Shackleton and Sir Edmund Hillary. The reconnection to this passion in 2016 is now blooming with the Alaska Wilderness Project, Benny combines his alpine adventures with design thinking to engage in wilderness exploration, rich storytelling and product development. As a member of the Protect Our Winters’ Athlete Alliance, Benny advocates for the protection and preservation of land.

Alaska Wilderness Project Seeks to Rejuvenate Alaskan Exploration

“Longing For Light” — New Route on Mount Moffitt, Alaska’s Hayes Range


I founded the Alaska Wilderness Project, which focuses on historical mountain research, education, exploration and resources for climbers. It’s set to become a nonprofit.


“Snow in the Kingdom” by Ed Webster
“Annapurna” by Maurice Herzog


Apollo 8, first humans to orbit the moon


“Today is a gift.”



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