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Brody Leven

Professional Adventure Skier

Brody Leven

Professional Adventure Skier

Brody Leven is a professional adventure skier who enjoys climbing up mountains as much as he likes skiing down them. He travels the world and returns home with elevated stories to inspire others to tackle difficult challenges. He is attracted to completing adventures requiring a combination of ski-mountaineering and multisport skill sets that utilize his high pain tolerance.

Completed rare ski descents around the world

Spent 3 months in the Arctic

Skied during a complete solar eclipse in Svalbard, Norway

Annually speaks about climate change before Congress

Ultramarathon runner

Proudest Moment

Turning my hobby into a full-time career


If I want people to stay alive, I need to volunteer in teaching avalanche education. If I want them to then have a healthy planet on which to live, I need to volunteer in environmental advocacy. I focus heavily on doing both.

Favorite Book

Guidebooks from the world’s mountain ranges and countries

Favorite Snack

I often forget to eat, so the more calories I can cram into each bite, the better. Thus, I eat Cookie Butter straight from the jar with a spoon. Don’t judge me.

Favorite Moment in History

Andreas Fransson skiing the Whillans Ramp on Poincenot in 2012

Most Humbling Moment

Getting turned around by avalanche danger 1,500’ below the summit during an attempt to be the first person to descend a 20,000’ peak on the Kazakhstan/China/Kyrgyzstan border. That sucked. I cried.

Kid Goals

I wanted to be rich. Now, I want to be fulfilled.


I tend to tune out any music I’m listening to and go back to thinking about how tired I am while training. For this reason, I prefer podcasts, as they keep me mentally engaged. Podcasts about hip-hop and economics, podcasts by NPR and podcasts revolving around safety in the mountains. I learn while tuning out the heavy breathing.

Brody's Skiing Partner

fēnix® 5X

“Because I am in the mountains nearly every day, this device is adaptable to whatever the activity is. I mainly use it to track my vertical progress, as that is my primary metric for training in the mountains.“
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