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Steph Davis

Wingsuit Pilot and Rock Climber

Steph Davis

Wingsuit Pilot and Rock Climber

Steph Davis

Wingsuit Pilot and Rock Climber

Steph Davis

Wingsuit Pilot and Rock Climber

Steph Davis is a climber, BASE jumper and wingsuit pilot known for legendary mountain and large wall ascents — often without rope. She makes her home in Moab, Utah, the land of endless adventure, and most days, she can be found climbing up a cliff or jumping off one.

Featured in “the 25 most adventurous women of the past 25 years” by men’s journal

First woman to summit the 7 peaks of the Fitzroy range, Patagonia, Argentina

Second woman to free climb el Capitan in a day, Yosemite, California

First woman to free climb the Salathe Wall, Yosemite, California

First one-day ascent of Torre Egger, Patagonia, Argentina


Proudest Moment

Getting a lost dachshund out of the highway on my way to go climbing, trying to locate his humans with no success and taking him out with me for the climbing adventure until we could find his people. I think he had a fun day.


Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF), American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA)


Cajun is a rescue dog from the Navajo reservation. Mao is a little black cat who moved into my house.

Favorite Dish

Panang curry with tofu

Favorite Movie


Favorite Book

Too many to pick one!

Favorite Snack

Red bell pepper and cucumber slices with hummus

Favorite Magazine

The Sun

Favorite Moment in History

The formation of the EU

Most Humbling Moment

Most times I go rock climbing are pretty humbling. The rock never makes it easy to climb up it.

Kid Goals



I love SoundCloud for the long mixes. My favorite DJ is my amazing friend Anthony Motto!

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