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Garmin OnDeck Systems

Be There From Virtually Anywhere

Track, monitor and control up to 5 switches on your boat with the OnDeck™ system, a fully integrated remote connectivity solution.1





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How OnDeck Works

The system includes the GTB 10 OnDeck hub for collecting and storing data; door, temperature and shore power sensors for notifications and alerts; a relay switch for remote control of up to 5 systems; and more.1

1. GTB 10 onDeck Hub

Securely collect and store data within the telematics box — and even back it up to the cloud for 30 days.

2. Door Sensor

Quickly and easily monitor whether the vessel security sensors have been triggered.

3. Internal GPS Sensor

Set custom “geo-fence” around your boat and receive text alerts if your boat moves beyond the parameters.

4. Monitor Systems

Configure alarms that notify you if your bilge activity, battery status or shore power are out of the ordinary.

5. Keep Tabs of Risks

Get alerted if temperature goes below a certain threshold and puts your vessel at risk.

6. Backup Battery

Get access to OnDeck up to 48 hours after the battery is depleted or power is disconnected.

7. Remote Switch Access

Take control of your day on the water by turning on up to 5 systems, like your refrigerator, while you're on your way to your boat.

8. Full Integration

OnDeck is compatible with a number of Garmin marine electronics so it’s a seamless addition.

Stay Connected with ActiveCaptain®

To monitor and track your boat, download the ActiveCaptain app. Within the app, you have access to all that OnDeck has to offer.1

Track And Monitor

Know where your vessel is at all times using the OnDeck GPS and the app's map interface.


Use the app to set up alarms to notify you and others of changes to your boat.


Access up to 5 of your boat's relay switches through the app to turn selected systems on or off remotely.

View Historical Data

Store up to 30 days of collected data and on-board sensor readings.

Garmin ActiveCaptain
OnDeck System Hub

OnDeck System

Your solution to remote connectivity

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Choose and Activate a Subscription Plan

The OnDeck system requires an active subscription plan2 for support and accessibility. The OnDeck Annual Plan includes a three-month promotion period. The OnDeck Monthly Plan has no annual contract. You can start and stop whenever you like.

Monthly Plan Charges

OnDeck Annual Plan3

$12.99 per month
Free for first three months with activation
Annual contract for service, but billed monthly
After year contract expires, subscription will continue to bill month to month
First 3 months:
No charge to consumer if subscription canceled during three month promotion period.

Remainder of contract year 1:
Cancellation during contract period after the three month promotion period will bill remainder of the year.

OnDeck Monthly Plan

$19.99 per month
No long-term commitment, cancel anytime
Can start and stop service as desired

1 An active subscription plan is required. Both OnDeck Hub and user’s device must have connectivity to 3G/4G network. See coverage area for OnDeck here.

2 All prices are subject to change. An active subscription plan is required to use OnDeck functions. U.S. subscription plan prices do not include applicable state/local taxes. Non-U.S. subscription plan prices include applicable VAT.

3 All subscriptions automatically renew until canceled. If an OnDeck Annual Plan is canceled after any promotional period but before the end of the first year, you will be billed for the remaining annual period. Consumer will be notified before the end of their promotion period before the first month is billed. After any promotional period ends, your Annual Plan subscription will be billed monthly at the undiscounted rate of $12.99. Please review the Service Terms for OnDeck Service Plans and Terms and Conditions for Garmin Subscription Services for instructions on how to cancel your subscription and for additional details.