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Garmin Health

Garmin Health gives you the power and flexibility to create custom solutions for your business. With incredible battery life, water resistance and the industry's largest wearable portfolio, there's a Garmin device that's perfect for your program. Gain access to a wide array of health metrics and real-time sensor streams, and even control the device features by using the Garmin Health API and SDKs.

Garmin is a global company that designs, manufactures and ships products worldwide. We can support your commerce and logistics needs, letting you scale your business with a single, trusted partner.

Water Resistance Water Resistance
Battery Life Battery Life
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Garmin Health Solutions

From corporate wellness programs to innovative patient monitoring, Garmin Health provides flexible solutions for a variety of markets.

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Corporate Wellness

If you're an employer looking for a wellness program for your business, look no further. Garmin Health is integrated with industry-leading wellness platforms worldwide, enabling you to choose a provider with the content, services and regionalization you need to promote a healthier lifestyle for your employees. Garmin Health is also the perfect partner for platform providers. We'll help you keep pace with the rapidly changing wellness market and provide the data you need to create the engagement programs employers want. With incredible battery life and water resistance, our devices are comfortable to wear 24/7 and help increase program utilization.

Corporate Wellness

Population Health

Engage your members, and improve program adherence with Garmin wearables. Garmin Health provides the data you need to identify health trends, mitigate risk and administer next-generation programs that incentivize members to be actively engaged in making healthy lifestyle decisions. Create benefit designs tailored for your population with the power of the Garmin Health ecosystem and data access options.

Population Health

Patient Monitoring

Get the continuous, objective data you need to improve patient outcomes or conduct your study. Garmin Health lets you exercise the power of Garmin wearables with innovative solutions that offer a variety of data access and device experience customization options. With the industry's largest device portfolio, Garmin has a device that meets your business needs and those of your patients.

Patient Monitoring

Connected Ecosystem

Garmin Health offers full access to the rich data generated by Garmin wearables and provides unprecedented control over device functionality. We have the software services and developer support to help you make our wearables an integral part of your program.

health API

Access your customers' all-day health and fitness activity data through one of our convenient web service options. The Health API allows for historic backfill and near real-time publication of all the diverse metrics logged by Garmin wearables through use our Garmin Connect online community.

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Standard SDK

Take control of Garmin wearables, and create a custom, single app experience using the Garmin Health Standard SDK. Access all health and fitness activity data directly from your mobile app for Android and Apple® without the need for web service integration. Configure device features to meet your program requirements. The Standard SDK is HIPAA compliant, allowing you to aggregate and archive the data in your own systems.

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Companion SDK

Tap in to real-time sensor streams from Garmin wearables by using the Companion SDK for Android and Apple®. Get instant access to current activity data, such as step counts, or subscribe to livestreams of heart rate, stress scores, accelerometer and more. The Companion SDK pairs perfectly with the all-day health and fitness activity data provided by the Health API, giving you the combined power of episodic and historic data to drive your unique program features.

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