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Garmin designs and produces factory-installed camera solutions for a variety of global automotive platforms, including the Citroën & DS brands from Groupe PSA as well as China's Geely Auto Group brands.

Eyewitness Video

With wide viewing angles and clear, crisp HD video imaging, Garmin factory-installed camera solutions are fully integrated with the head unit and vehicle bus. Garmin camera solutions are multipurpose, automatically capturing footage of driving incidents from multiple camera angles and “black box” vehicle data. Garmin camera systems can wake up to record video if your car is hit or broken into while parked, securely storing video or sending it to the cloud of LTE for safekeeping. Cameras also support helpful driver awareness features, such as forward collision and lane departure warnings.

Eyewitness Video

Share the View

A unique dash cam social media sharing feature lets drivers share a photo of the view ahead with their connected friends and followers. Video and still images can also be downloaded over a connection using Wi-Fi® technology for viewing and sharing on passengers’ mobile devices.

Telematics Integration

Garmin cameras positioned at the front, back, sides and interior of your vehicle can be used to check on your parked car from your phone. In Park mode, multicam Garmin systems can also monitor and save video if your car is hit while parked.

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