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We all know the feeling to be stuck in traffic on the way home, or on vacation. And we all agree that there are better ways to spend our free time. That’s why Garmin together with our service partners continuously improve our traffic service by integrating new technologies to come out with the most up-to-date Live Traffic service everywhere you need it. Get reliable alternative routes and enjoy your extra time!

At one glance, in the know

  • Constantly adjust your estimated time of arrival based on your progress and traffic incidents.
  • Provide alternative routes and tell you the time it will save.
  • Provide a map view of the traffic situation around you.
  • Give audible and visual advisories to tell you what’s up ahead.

Increase awareness with Live Traffic

With your safety in mind, Live Traffic also informs you about events on your route like wrong-way drivers, pedestrians on the road or slippery road - ensuring more driver awareness.

Traffic avoidance

All the best bits of Garmin Live Traffic

Broader Coverage compared to standard Traffic service1: Traffic information is no longer restricted to busy major roads. Thanks to Garmin Live Traffic, advanced traffic information is available at your fingertips absolutely everywhere you need it, from inner city areas to out in the countryside.

1 minute refresh rate: Live Traffic information is refreshed every minute on your device, and believe us - one minute can really make a difference. A traffic jam moving at 15 km/h can back up by 250 metres in that time! Wouldn’t it be a pity to miss the next exit?

Live Traffic shows you the full extent of traffic jams. So you can make fully-informed decisions when it comes to choosing alternative routes to get you to your destination as quickly as possible.

Included on most recent Garmin models

How can I get Traffic on my device?

How can I get Traffic on my device?

Garmin Live Traffic via Garmin Drive app or SmartphoneLink mobile app2

If your Garmin sat nav is an LMT-S/ MT-S model , you’ll have access without additional costs to Live Traffic via the SmartphoneLink or Drive app for iOS and Android phone. Just pair your compatible Garmin sat-nav and your phone via Bluetooth. No need to worry about your data plan, as no tethering is required.

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See traffic coverage map

js__map2 Live Traffic via Garmin Drive app or SmartphoneLink

How can I get Traffic on my device?

Garmin Traffic Via FM

Beside Garmin LIVE Traffic, Garmin offers additionally out of the box Traffic avoidance on “LMT/MT” devices via RDS-TMC. It works over the traditional analogue FM radio to inform you of delays and alternative routes. RDS (Radio data system) bandwidth is limited, so the amount of data you can receive via this method would be less than with Garmin Live Traffic via SmartphoneLink or the Drive app.

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Where is Garmin Live Traffic coming from?

We obtain our traffic information from a number of sources:

Historic traffic data available from all over the world.

Real time traffic detected via people using Garmin smartphone apps.

Fleet management data and governmental information from our partners.

Police and road service information and press updates.

The more data we obtain every day, the more accurate our information becomes. All of this data is processed and modelled in our data-centres, before being supplied every 60 seconds to your device.

Where is Garmin Live Traffic coming from?

Advanced notice

Dear Customer,

Garmin would like to inform you that the Garmin Digital Traffic service for the United Kingdom will cease to exist as from 30th June 2021 due to the current service provider discontinuing the service. Whilst any compatible Garmin device will continue to receive traffic updates via the RDS-TMC provider after this date, Garmin would recommend users to take advantage of our Live Traffic service to ensure they are receiving the most comprehensive coverage and updated traffic information possible.

Below is a FAQ which will answer the most common questions our customers may have. If you have any further queries, then please contact the Product Support team who will be happy to assist.

How is Garmin Live Traffic different to Garmin Digital Traffic?

Garmin Live Traffic utilises the user’s smartphone data connection to offer the most comprehensive traffic coverage and up to date traffic information. They can expect even more road coverage and more frequent traffic updates which will further optimise their navigation experience.

How do I get Garmin Live Traffic?

Simply download and install either the Garmin Smartphone Link app or the Garmin Drive app depending on what Garmin device you have and then pair to the compatible Garmin device. Follow the links above to check device compatibility. Once connected you will gain access to Garmin Live Services which includes:

  • Garmin Live Traffic - Garmin Live Traffic provides the best-in-class real-time information that is updated every two minutes
  • Local Weather Information – Current localised weather, temperature and forecasts
  • Live Parking – Reduce the stress of finding a parking space with Live On-Street Parking information and parking space availability trends
How much mobile phone data is used when connected to Garmin Live Services?

The amount of mobile data used by SmartphoneLink and Drive apps are generally minimal but varies depending on a variety of factors such as:

  • Time used with the automotive device
  • Amount of reported traffic information

In most situations, 2 MB of data per hour of active use with an automotive device is a reasonable estimate for data usage. For example, if the device is used 5 days a week on a 30-minute commute each way, both the SmartphoneLink and Drive apps would use about 40 MB of data per month.

Other Live services such as Advanced Weather, and photoLive use less data than traffic.

Will the Garmin device continue to receive Traffic information beyond June 30th 2021?

Yes, the device will directly receive traffic information via the RDS-TMC Traffic service. This service will have different coverage and update frequencies compared to the Digital Traffic service. Again, it is recommended that users switch to Garmin Live Traffic via the Smartphone Link app or Drive app for the most optimised traffic service available.

Why is the Digital Traffic service being discontinued when the packaging for my Garmin product shows Lifetime Digital Traffic being included?

The reverse side of the packaging states that Lifetime traffic extends for the useful life of the Garmin traffic receiver or as long as Garmin receives traffic data from its traffic supplier, whichever is shorter. Further details can be found at In this specific case the traffic data will no longer be made available from the service provider. The device will continue to receive traffic information via the RDS-TMC provider and for further optimised traffic reporting then Garmin Live Traffic is also available to you via the Garmin Smartphone Link and Garmin Drive app.

Improved coverage beyond TMC locations compared to standard traffic service thanks to improved Location Referencing technology and TPEG. TPEG is the next generation traffic protocol, the new traffic standard

1Compared to RDS-TMC Technology.

2To use this feature, you must download the Garmin Drive App or SmartphoneLink app to your compatible Bluetooth and GPS-enabled smartphone.