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Michelle Vesterby

Professional Triathlete

Michelle Vesterby

Professional Triathlete

She calls herself the bubbly Dane. It’s a name no one can dispute — even her competitors, who might see Michelle flash her wide grin as she overtakes them in a race. “Keep smiling” is the motto by which she lives her life, and she attributes her stay-positive attitude to her late brother, Mark, who was and continues to be her inspiration. Michelle goes where the races take her, but Hawaii will always hold a special place in her heart; some of the best finishes of her career have taken place at the IM World Championship in Kona, Hawaii.

Fourth place Kona 2015

Sixth place Kona 2016

3 IM victories


Home Country


Favourite Magazine

Illustrated Science– just kidding – I love gossip magazines

Favourite Movie


Proudest Moment

My fourth-place finish at Hawaii in 2015


Mom, the ultimate ironwoman who cared for a handicapped son

Kid Goals

A lawyer


'The 4 Cs: coffee, cakes, cookies, candy'



Michelle’s Training Partner

Forerunner® 935

This watch loves all the sports, just like me. And it can swim too! Getting heart rate even for my swimming is so important for triathlon training.
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