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Movistar Team

Professional Cycling Team

Movistar Team is the longest-running, most successful squad in the UCI WorldTour, which gathers together the 18 most prestigious teams on the planet. 2020 will be the 41st consecutive season for our 28-member men’s team. The squad also includes an 11-member women’s team, active since 2018.

Some of the team’s biggest current stars are former World Road Race champion Alejandro Valverde, Paris-Nice winner Marc Soler, Vuelta a España GC second-place winner Enric Mas, Spanish champion Lourdes Oyarbide, Italian stars Davide Villella and Dario Cataldo, English sprinter Gabriel Cullaigh, Eider Merino, Sheyla Gutiérrez and many others.

Nearly 1000 victories

1992, 2008 and 2013–2016 best team in the world

If the team had a mascot, it would be

JE: A roadrunner

Proudest moment of 2019

MN: When I signed with Movistar
JE: Winning the second stage of the BeNe Ladies Tour

Favourite race

JJ: Paris‑Roubaix

Favourite Snack

MN: Greek yogurt with syrup and coconut

Favorite pre-race song

JE: Stuck in the Middle with You by Stealers Wheel
JJ: Ayy Macarena by Tyga

Growing up, i wanted to be …

JE: An architect
MN: A professional cyclist
JJ: A world champion (I still want it)

Favourite Moment in History

MN: In cycling history, it was when the world championship race was held in Copenhagen in 2011
JJ: Johan Museeuw becoming World Champion in Lugano, Switzerland in 1996, 6 months prior to my birth. It’s the reason why my name is Johan.

How many calories do you eat daily during training?

JJ: It depends on the ride, but it’s usually between 200-400 kcal/hour

What do you do on rest days?

MN: Read books, watch tv, doing nothing… I hate rest days.

What data do you look for during pre-season versus mid-season?

JE: During the pre-season, I’m always meticulous about my 5-8’ power. During the season, I focus more on 1’ and 20-30“ power. Since there is lots of racing mid-season, I always keep an eye on stress and recovery.

Strangest thing that’s happened during a race

JE: During the Giro del Trentino race in the mountains of Italy, it started raining and the temperature went down quickly. Suddenly, while I was descending, lightning struck so close to me that it left me blind. It was so hard to keep my eyes open while on a technical downhill with rain and freezing cold. It was a real tricky situation.
JJ: I once lost my shoe in a cyclocross race. I also lost my saddle in stage 9 of the Tour de L‘Avenir in 2019.

The Team’s Favourite Device

Edge® 1030

“I love the Edge 1030. It’s a masterpiece.” – Mathias Norsgaard
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