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CUBE Action Team

Professional Enduro MTB Team

The CUBE Action Team was founded in 2011 as the first professional Enduro mountain biking team. Based in Germany — home of some of the best trails in the world — the team continues to expand, just like the sport itself. The 5 top-class team riders of the CUBE Action Team make up a unique combination of different rider types and characters. They come together to form the perfect unit.

Enduro World Series win

European Enduro World Series win

Megavalanche races win

Trail Trophy races win


If the team had a mascot, it would be

A trail dog

Proudest moment of 2019

When we got the Team Podium at EWS Zermatt

Favourite race

Trophy of Nations – Enduro World Series Finale Ligure

Team Leader

Claus Wachsmann

Growing up, i wanted to be …

Too many. Our team loves a good laugh.

Favourite snacks/meals

Pasta, grilled fish and a lot of salad

Favourite Moment in History

When we won 3 podiums in a row and got our third World Cup title

Strangest thing that’s happened during a race

Last season, a dog ran into Gusti’s racecourse and made him crash.

How many calories do you eat daily during training?


What do you do on rest days?

Relax, stretch and eat… a lot

What do you like to do in the offseason?

We like to do ski touring in the winter. Otherwise, we just try to relax and do a lot of gym sessions.

Favorite thing to eat when staff isn’t watching

Burgers and beer!

The Team’s Favourite Device

Edge® 830

"It’s so easy to use and gives us all the data we need."
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