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Clif Pro Team

Professional Cycling Team

The CLIF Pro Team was founded in 2001 on the principles of creating opportunities for women in sports and to advocate for equal pay, prize money and support of female athletes.

CLIF originally created a team that inspired women to get on bikes. As we enter a renaissance in cycling, we are embracing our “Born on the Bike” heritage and adventurous spirit by continuing with a female-led team but with a more inclusive male and female roster.

The team of highly accomplished athletes competes in elite domestic and international mountain bike, gravel and cyclocross events and consistently resides at the top of their game with Olympic medals, world championships and world cup titles to their credit.

2 Olympic medals

2 world championships

4 bc bike races

Multiple cyclocross world cup wins

4 individual world cup titles

Image © Sean Jenkins

Clif Pro Team

If the team had a mascot, it would be

SGV: A dog!
CP: A happy trail dog

Proudest moment of 2019

SGV: Epic Rides Oz Trails Off-Road race win in Bentonville, Arkansas
CP: World Cup podium in Lenzerheide, Switzerland

Team jokester

SGV: Katerina Nash
CP: Waldek Stepniowski

Team Leader

SGV: Catharine Pendrel
CP: Katerina Nash

Favourite snacks/meals

SGV: CLIF Kid® Zfruit®
CP: CLIF Bar Minis and fish tacos. Not together, though. ;‑)

Favourite Prerace Song

SGV: “Lose Yourself” by Eminem
CP: “There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back” by Shawn Mendes

Growing up, i wanted to be …

SGV: A professional dancer
CP: A horseback rider

Favourite Moment in History

SGV: When Title IX was passed
CP: I wasn’t aware of it at the time, but Billie Jean King challenging Bobby Riggs to a tennis match is pretty awesome.

How many calories do you eat during training?

SGV: I look more at grams of carbs. I try to get 20–25 g of carbs per 30 minutes.
CP: Depends on the ride, but anywhere from 150–800 calories per ride.

What do you do on rest days?

SGV: I work part-time at a chocolate factory, so I normally head to the office to catch up on emails.
CP: Catch up on emails, grocery shop, dog walks and coffee dates.

What do you like to do in the offseason?

SGV: I like to ride my dirt bike and go camping and hiking.
CP: Ski, hike with my dog and trail work.

Favorite thing to eat when staff isn’t watching?

SGV: Candy!
CP: Staff are the ones that bring all the treats in! But our team has never been strict that way. We enjoy food and know treats are OK, too.

Catharine’s favourite device

Edge® 530

“My Edge 530 plays a huge role in my training. From pushing for my best power numbers on the bike to uploading routes for my next ride, it is in constant use and reliable at providing the feedback I need to train smarter and harder.” - Catharine Pendrel
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